Jammie Finder

Web application that uses geolocation to locate the user, prompts the to enter their destination and informs them when the next shuttle to their destination will arrive at the stop closest to them, as well as uses the Uber RESTful API to give them an estimate of how much taking an Uber to their destination would cost.

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I am a Magento certified developer who builds and maintains online stores for my full time job.

Explan. Magento is the fastest growing e-commerce provider in the world.

I spend over 40 hours a week thinking about and implementing e-commerce concepts to increase sales and make managing onlin stores easier. Apart from Magento, I've also worked on Shopify, Wocommerce and custom built e-commerce platforms.

Some of the projects I've worked on and continue to maintain, for work, include:

Largest camera gear retailer in South Africa

Largest watchshop in South Africa

Official South African JanSport shop

Official South African Superga shop

Add to cart by sku

WordPress plugin that searches and adds product to cart by SKU.To get started: activate the Search By SKU plugin and add the shortcode [product_search] to any page or post where you'd like a search bar to be placed so you can search for products by entering the SKU.

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